Saturday, 28 April 2007

MET police targeting Muslim sites

As Salaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu Dear Muslimeen,

You may have noticed a new feature on many of your favorite Islamic websites that display Google ads. The MET Police are using Google's Ad Words program to circulate an advert with the title “Islamic Extremism”, which is encouraging Muslim to phone in a anti-terrorism hotline on their fellow Muslims.

The web page states,
"If you think that you may have seen something suspicious or you are unsure about somebody’s activities or behaviour, however insignificant it may seem at the time, call the Anti-Terrorist hotline on [edited]. Calls are taken in confidence by specialist officers who will analyse your information. They’ll decide if and how to follow it up. Your call could be vital to us however unsure you may be."

Thereby encouraging Muslims to call in and report on any suspicious behaviour even if it is insignificant, which undoubtedly will lead to more raids against innocent Muslims where the MET police break in at dawn, shoot you, ransack your house, molest your wife and then release you a week later without charge.

I wonder what is considered suspicious behaviour? Is it anything that does not fit in with the status quo of British society? Perhaps the next time I say democracy is Kufr someone will ring and I will have the police banging on my door at Fajr time. Or will I be thrown into Belmarsh next time I ignore the salaams from PCSO 6685 Yunus Dada?

Targeting Muslims in this fashion is, of course, just another criminal act carried out by western governments against the religion of God and the Believers. If it was not it would not have said “Islamic Extremism” and I'm sure that the MET police did not waste any of their budget to make ads about "Christian Extremism" or any other group for that matter.

Don't you see brothers and sisters that this is the beginning of severe persecution against us? Each moment they raise the bar and spare no effort to demonise us. Is not the reason for this persecution solely because we say Lailahailallah and recognize no authority above that of Allah, the Mighty?

It's time we abandon this sinking island and lend our support to those who are actively establishing the Shariah. We must sacrifice our lives and wealth for Allah. By us leaving we will not only put our persons out of the reach of the treachery of the Kaffir and the Munafiq but also establish a strong base of men, women and resources for the current movement that is establishing our future Islamic state.

I ask Allah the Mighty to give success to the believers and protect them from the evil of the disbelieving people.

Monday, 9 April 2007

A Brush With Innovation

Yesterday, by the Grace of Allah Ta'ala, was a beautiful sunny dry day, which are few and far between here in the UK. So, my wife and I decided to take the kids out and let them enjoy the day running around playing and doing the typical non-sense babies get up to.

As we approached the park, we heard something in the distance. Could it be? I was starting to think they skipped it this year. We inched closer to the park, the distant rumble was getting louder and the faint “Ya Rasul Allah” could now be clearly heard. Eight days late but with all it's innovation plus a police escort there it was, the annual precession marking the birth of our beloved Nabi Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a big day for innovators, perhaps the biggest, and all the top innovators are there. Wearing their Friday's best, clean shaved and head help up high, they proudly declare, 'Yes, I am an innovator!'

I turned to my wife and suggested we go down and take a look, so that I could make ugly faces and throw peanuts at them. Knowing their route, we made our way to where the procession would pass. Along the way, I practiced my ugly face and expressed my disappointment that we didn't have any peanuts.

It wasn't long after we arrived that the slow moving procession could be seen. I made my ugliest face and stared at anyone who looked my way. I told my wife to look for anyone we knew. There were plenty. I was so angry I started to feel ill. Some were chanting, 'Takbir, Allahu Akbar, Ya Rasul Allah, Ya Nabi'. Others were simply saying, 'hu, hu, hu, hu', which later in the day my brother in-law would compare to monkeys but I think monkeys have more sense. Music was playing, everyone had a green flag and all the cars had what looked like Christmas decorations on them. It was disgusting.

When the last of them passed us, we turned and walked in the opposite direction. As the distance grew between us and the once thundering stupidity grew ever more faint, we found a nice spot on the grass to put our blanket and sit. Our conversation turned from the filth of innovators to our desire to make Hijra. I pray Allah ta'ala makes it easy. I pray we find a nice place ruled by Islamic Shariah and free of innovation.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

My Rights or My Brother's?

Shaykh Umar Abdul Rahman, despite his poor health, has languished in an American federal prison for over a decade. Shaykh Abu Umar al-Misri was abducted by the CIA from the Italian city of Milan and sent to Egypt where he suffered horrific torture. In Iraq, a young girl was raped, killed, burnt and her family slaughtered by the American Crusader Army.

These are just a few examples of the atrocities the Muslim nation faces daily. Volumes could be written and libraries filled with the crimes the West has committed against Muslims and Islam. There is Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Extraordinary Rendition, occupation, countless murders and rapes. All of which bring tears to the eyes of the soft-hearted. Indeed, 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, Bali and Beslan happen to us everyday.

Yet, whenever hijra is suggested, as a first step to removing this humiliation from us, a group of Muslims cry out:

'I get more rights here than Muslims do there! I can pray, fast, go for Hajj and they even have a halaal option at our kid's school. Don't you know in Turkey women aren't allowed to wear the hijaab?'

Life in the West has become too good for some. They are fat, lazy and firmly attached to this world and its glitter. They employ terms such as 'British Muslim' or 'American Muslim' in order to distinguish from those 'Iraqi Muslims' or 'Afghani Muslims'; so that when the next 500lbs bunker buster falls on a wedding party they can still fall asleep in their warm comfy homes without feeling too much guilt. After all, it happened to 'them' not 'us'. The eyes and ears are closed when the stomach is full.

It's time to reject the pro-western extremists' attempt to divide us and lose this 'house-nigger' mentality. We have to see ourselves as one body, in which the suffering borne by one of us is felt by all of us. When one Muslim loses his mother we all lose our mother. By following the command of Rasul Allah salallahu alayhi wa sallam and making hijra feesabilillah we will be able to establish ourselves, increase our strength, give ourselves the ability to overcome our enemies and to fulfill the rights of our brothers.